SoGE 8.1.7 released (2014-06-03)

Today Dave Love announced on the Grid Engine mailing list:

Son of Grid Engine distribution is available from, with various bug fixes and enhancements. A notable fix is for the longstanding problem of occasional major space leaks in qmaster with schedd_job_info=true.

Please report bugs, patches and suggestions for enhancement

Release notes:


  • Remove the shipped old jemalloc in favour of an external one (aimk -jemalloc)
  • Always use system libraries -- never load SSL stuff dynamically
  • aimk no longer uses specific paths for openssl etc. Use INPUT*FLAGS if necessary
  • SUpport building rpm on OpenSuSE and RHEL7

Bug fixes

  • Man, other doc, and message fixes/changes [#1504]
  • Fix minor memory leaks and check result of all malloc calls
  • Don't pause for a second with client JSVs [#1475]
  • Allow longer "failed" strings in admin mail
  • Fix spurious thread error reports from qping [#588]
  • Avoid possible crash reading malformed configuration files
  • Fix GUI installer startup [#1488]
  • Always define SGE_STARTER_USE_LOGIN_SHELL with starter method
  • Modify cpuset-based process killing [#1483, #1490]
  • Make various files optional when setting permissions at installation
  • Fix cpu-bound shepherd with qlogin
  • Fix queue list for adding queue in qmon [#1495]
  • Clean up some file permissions and shebangs in non-executables [#1493]
  • Really ignore -e, -o args of qrsh/qsh/qlogin, as documented
  • Fix use of SGE_QMASTER_PIDFILE and double writing of pid file
  • Fix occasional qmaster major space leak with schedd_job_info [#360, #682]
  • Wait until daemon goes down when stopping sge_execd


  • Support Cygwin x86_64, and GNU/Linux on arm64 and ppc64el (untested)
  • qconf -aattr et al now support modifying types user, userset, calendar, and project
  • Translate exit code to signal name in qacct output
  • qacct -m prints only master tasks
  • Add ar_sub_time to qacct output
  • Allow rctemplate configuration from /etc/sysconfig as well as /etc/default
  • Update MPI PE templates and install a tight integration "mpi" PE
  • Make suid files, dtrace, qmon, start_gui_installer optional in (used at installation)
  • Speed up JSV in bash by not calling cut

Potentially incompatible changes

  • Default ENABLE_ADDGRP_KILL to on
  • Clean symbol exports from (GNU ld only); now only exports drmaa* and Java_com_sun_grid*
  • Non-public functions in Bourne shell JSV implementation are prefixed with "_"
  • qping -info prints (very different) malloc statistics when the daemon uses jemalloc. See print_malloc_info in sge_conf(5).