Univa Grid Engine 8.1.7 Released (2014-01-15)

Today Univa released the new Grid Engine update version 8.1.7. Even it is only a minor version update it comes with new features: cgroups support for jobs. This means on newer Linux versions (like RHEL 6) the administrator can now configure different kind of limit handling using the cgroups kernel enhancements on supported compute nodes. This includes main memory limitation in different ways, a cleaner way for reaping processes belonging to user jobs, suspend/resume processes of jobs without sending signals, and more reliable job isolation (through non-revocable core and memory binding).

Based on customer experiences our Intel Xeon Phi support was improved. Client side JSV scripts are executed now much (up to 10-20 times - I'll measure it in a different article) faster when using a fast script language (TCL instead of BASH). Cosmetics in the installation script were made, PostgreSQL spooling support was further refined, share-tree usage for array jobs was fixed, an XML output bug was identified (a wrong character in certain conditions) and fixed, a race condition in the core binding module was eliminated, and many more things were updated... A detailed list can be found as usual at www.univa.com.