Univa Grid Engine 8.1.6 is out! (2013-10-9)

UGE 8.1.6 covers some urgent issues we found in the old Sun Grid Engine code regarding inconsistent spooling data. The issues appear very rare but they can have severe impact. Besides that the methods for adding and deleting the job context of a running job (-ac / -dc) where made more robust. Here a qmaster crash was possible in the old Sun Grid Engine code under certain circumstances. Finally a data synchronisation issue between qmaster and the Grid Engine scheduler thread was solved (also an old SGE issue). A regression with the s_rt / h_rt / d_rt was found and repaired so that the expected behavior is for the different job run-time limits can be seen again. Btw. d_rt is a per job run-time estimation from the user which has no effects (i.e. it does not kill the job like h_rt) but gives the scheduler an idea about the job run-time length. A job run-time is needed in order to place reservations for resources. Finally the behaviour of resources when are configured as forced was improved in order to be better handled when requested as -soft flag.

Overall I can say that the 8.1.6 release is about hardening Grid Engine and the recommended candidate to update. It contains all new features from Univa Grid Enginge 8.1.5 and support for the Univa Grid Engine License Orchestrator.

A hot-update will only work from 8.1.5, when updating from older 8.1 versions the cluster must be drained (no jobs in cluster).

A free version of Univa Grid Engine 8.1.6 will be downloadable soon here!