1. drmaa2_jarray_terminate(3)
  2. DRMAA2
  3. drmaa2_jarray_terminate(3)


drmaa2_jarray_terminate - drmaa2_jarray_terminate(3), Sends all jobs of job array termination signal.


#include "drmaa2.h"

drmaa2_error drmaa2_jarray_terminate(drmaa2_jarray jarray);


A drmaa2_jarray is the equivalent of an Univa(R) Grid Engine(TM) array job. It consists of several single drmaa2_j jobs. This function sends a termination signal to all jobs of the array job.

This call is asynchronous in a way that after performing the action the result might be not immediately visible through job monitoring.


Returns an error id in case something went wrong otherwise DRMAA2_SUCCESS is returned. In case of an error the error description is set in the context of the calling thread. The error description can be fetched with the drmaa2_lasterror_text(3) call.


/* ... ja is the array job which was returned by drmaa2_jsession_run_bulk_jobs() ... */

if (DRMAA2_SUCCESS == drmaa2_jarray_terminate(ja)) {
   printf("Terminating all jobs of job array...\n");


drmaa2_jarray_free(3), drmaa2_jarray_get_job_template(3), drmaa2_jarray_get_session_name(3), drmaa2_jarray_get_id(3), drmaa2_jsession_get_contact(3), drmaa2_jsession_get_job_array(3), drmaa2_jsession_run_job(3), drmaa2_jsession_run_bulk_jobs(3), drmaa2_jsession_wait_any_started(3), drmaa2_jsession_wait_any_terminated(3), drmaa2_open_jsession(3), drmaa2_list_get(3), drmaa2_list_size(3), drmaa2_list_free(3)

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  2. October 2013
  3. drmaa2_jarray_terminate(3)