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  3. drmaa2_dict_create(3)


drmaa2_dict_create - drmaa2_dict_create, Creates a DRMAA2 dictionary.


#include "drmaa2.h"

typedef void (*drmaa2_dict_entryfree)(char key, char val);

drmaa2_dict drmaa2_dict_create(const drmaa2_dict_entryfree callback);


Creates a new string dictionary where pairs of strings are stored as key and values. The given callback function is called for each entry when it is deleted either by drmaa2_dict_del(3) or by freeing the dictionary with drmaa2_dict_free(3). The callback function must be from type drmaa2_dict_entryfree or NULL of no callback should be used.


Upon successful completion drmaa2_dict_create(3) returns a newly allocated drmaa2_dict dictionary. In case of an error NULL is returned and the specific error is set for the calling thread. The error can be read out by using drmaa2_lasterror(3) and/or drmaa2_lasterror_text(3).


drmaa2_j job;
drmaa2_jtemplate jt = drmaa2_jtemplate_create();

jt->jobName = strdup("EnvironmentTest");
jt->remoteCommand = strdup("env");

/* Create dictionary for job environment variables.
 * Because variables are non-allocated strings a callback
 * is not required.
if ((environment = drmaa2_dict_create(NULL)) == NULL) {
   printf("Error: Could not create a new dictionary.\n");
   error = 1;

if (drmaa2_dict_set(environment, "my_environment_variable", "has_a_value") != DRMAA2_SUCCESS) {
   printf("Error: Could not set a new environment variable in the dictionary.\n");
   error = 1;

if (drmaa2_dict_set(environment, "my_empty_variable", "") != DRMAA2_SUCCESS) {
   printf("Error: Could not set an empty environment variable in the dictionary.\n");
   error = 1;

jt->jobEnvironment = environment;

/* submit job */
if ((job = drmaa2_jsession_run_job(js, jt)) == NULL) {
   printf("Error: Could not submit job.\n");

/* Calls drmaa2_dict_free(3) implicitly. */


drmaa2_dict_create(3), drmaa2_dict_free(3), drmaa2_dict_list(3), drmaa2_dict_has(3), drmaa2_dict_get(3), drmaa2_dict_del(3), drmaa2_dict_set(3)


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  2. October 2013
  3. drmaa2_dict_create(3)