sge_qstat  defines the command line switches that will be used by qstat
       by default.  If available, the default sge_qstat file is read and  pro-
       cessed by qstat(1).

       There  is  a cluster global and a user private sge_qstat file. The user
       private file has the highest precedence and is  followed by the cluster
       global  sge_qstat  file. Command line switches used with qstat(1) over-
       ride all switches contained in  the  user  private  or  cluster  global
       sge_qstat file.

       The format of the default files is:

       o  The default sge_qstat file may contain an arbitrary number of lines.
          Blank lines and lines with a  '#'  sign  at  the  first  column  are
          skipped.   Each  line  not  to  be  skipped may contain any qstat(1)
          option as described in the Univa Grid Engine Reference Manual.  More
          than one option per line is allowed.

       The following is a simple example of a default sge_qstat file:

       # Just show me my own running and suspended jobs
       -s rs -u $user

       Having  defined  a  default sge_qstat file like this and using qstat as


       has the same effect as if qstat was executed with:

       qstat -s rs -u <current_user>

       <sge_root>/<cell>/common/sge_qstat global defaults file
       $HOME/.sge_qstatuser private defaults file

       sge_intro(1), qstat(1), Univa Grid Engine Installation and  Administra-
       tion Guide

       See sge_intro(1) for a full statement of rights and permissions.

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