qhold [ -h {u|o|s},...  ] [ -help ] [ job/task_id_list ]

       qhold [ -h {u|o|s},...  ] [ -help ] -u user_list

       Qhold  provides  a means for a user/operator/manager to place so called
       holds on one or more jobs pending to be scheduled  for  execution.   As
       long  as any type of hold is assigned to a job, the job is not eligible
       for scheduling.

       Holds can be removed with the qrls(1) or the qalter(1) command.

       There are three different types of holds:

       user   User holds can be assigned and removed  by  managers,  operators
              and the owner of the jobs.

              Operator holds can be assigned and removed by managers and oper-

       system System holds can be assigned and removed by managers only.

       If no hold type is specified with the -h option (see  below)  the  user
       hold is assumed by default.

       An  alternate  way  to  assign holds to jobs is the qsub(1) or the qal-
       ter(1) command (see the -h option).

       -h {u|o|s},...
              Assign a u(ser), o(perator) or s(system) hold or  a  combination
              thereof to one or more jobs.

       -help  Prints a listing of all options.

       -u username,...
              Changes  are  only  made  on  those jobs which were submitted by
              users specified in the list of usernames.  Managers are  allowed
              to  use  the  qhold -u "*" command to set a hold for all jobs of
              all users.

              If a user uses the -u switch, the user may specify an additional

              Specified by the following form:


              If  present,  the  task_range  restricts the effect of the qhold

       SGE_CELL       If set, specifies the default Univa Grid Engine cell. To
                      address a Univa Grid Engine  cell  qhold  uses  (in  the
                      order of precedence):

                             The name of the cell specified in the environment
                             variable SGE_CELL, if it is set.

                             The name of the default cell, i.e. default.

                      If set, specifies that debug information should be writ-
                      ten  to stderr. In addition the level of detail in which
                      debug information is generated is defined.

                      If set, specifies the tcp port on  which  sge_qmaster(8)
                      is  expected to listen for communication requests.  Most
                      installations will use a services map entry for the ser-
                      vice "sge_qmaster" instead to define that port.

       sge_intro(1), qalter(1), qrls(1), qsub(1).

       See sge_intro(1) for a full statement of rights and permissions.

UGE 8.0.0                $Date: 2007/01/05 19:56:12 $                 QHOLD(1)

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